Healing and Coaching

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For people who are experiencing a transition in their lives and might appreciate a little guidance. 

As a healer and life coach, I act as a mirror, one which reflects not only what you're used to doing and thinking, but also your blind spots. Once you become aware of your own hidden patterns,  I can help you build a new framework of beliefs and assumptions about life. This change will lead to a renewed sense of balance and well-being. The sessions encompass all sorts of beliefs from lifestyle, love, marriage, friendship, parenting, health, and much more.

At a time of difficulty, we not only don't have a clue what to do to get ourselves moving again, but we can't even see what on earth is wrong with us in the first place. It is in these difficult moments where I can be of help. These are examples of what you may be facing now, and where I may be of assistance to you.

If you would like to learn more about the framework in which I work, please visit The Self-Healing Works page

By D. Czarnota/ Elementary Particles

I start always with an intake session which allows you to meet me and become familiar with what I do and how I work. The intake will allow us to decide jointly which approach suits best. The intake usually takes 2 hours. A regular session takes 1.5 hours.

Please understand that my form of treatment is not necessarily suitable for everybody. Some clients I will refer to somebody else and, if so, I will explain why.

During the intake, I will advise on the topics I see I can help you with and on the number of sessions needed. 

Other options:

Intensive 3-, 4-day individual
We have 3 to 4 sessions per day over three or four days. This is ideal for people who have complicated schedules because of work/family commitments.

The intensive is planned in such a way to allow free time for other nourishing activities such as a massage, sport, walking outdoors, etc.

For therapists in need of supervision and who are familiar with similar techniques and are in need of support to maintain a healthy practice.

I also provide support for people who do meditation retreats.


For individuals, a single session (regular or intake) costs Eur 105-. The session lasts 1.5 hours.

For people who prefer a shorter session of 1 hour, the price is Eur 88-.

For couples or families, a single session (regular or intake) costs Eur 150-. The session lasts 2 hours. For couples or families, it is not possible to book for an 1-hour session.


An invoice will be issued and payment is due 14 days after the date of the appointment. Cash payment is my preferred option.

My costs are not reimbursed (totally or partially) by the health insurance system in The Netherlands.

You need to cancel at the minimum of 48 hours before the planned session. If not, the cost of the session will be charged fully.

For an intensive individual workshop/retreat, over several days, other conditions apply which are discussed during the intake.