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This is the Privacy Policy for CARMEN HEALING, accessible from

Privacy Policy Statement

1. ICT
Unless you indicate otherwise, I assume that you agree with the electronic data exchange (internet and e-mail). This means that in spite of all the security measures taken by me, there can be no absolute certainty against consultation by unauthorised persons.

An important point of attention for you as a customer is the e-mail you send me. E-mails via the contact form on the practice website or via your own email program are secured with SSL. This means that the information is sent encrypted and cannot be intercepted along the way.

If your own pc/tablet/smartphone is hacked, it is of course possible that the content becomes visible to third parties.

2. The Patient's File

For proper treatment, it is necessary for me, as your practitioner, to create a file. This file is partly on paper and partly digitally stored. Creating a file is a legal obligation imposed by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (Wet op de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst, WGBO). The retention period of your file is 15 years after the last change or addition, in accordance with the WGBO Act.

The purpose of the data recording is to be able to perform a complementary medicine treatment including energy healing, psycho-spiritual energy therapy, coaching and Chinese
Herbal Medicine treatment.

Your file contains your personal data, notes on your health and information on the treatments performed. The file also contains information that is or may be necessary or important for your treatment, such as your living and working situation, hobbies, family situation/civil status. A file can also include written communication with other care providers for which you have given permission and medical statements that you have asked for. Or information that, after you have given explicit permission, has been requested from your general practitioner or another healthcare provider.

Only I have access to the information in your file. And I have a strict duty of confidentiality.

Your paper file is kept under lock and key.

The data in your file can also be used:
- (after you have given written consent) to inform other care providers, for example when the treatment has been completed or when you refer the patient to another care provider;
- for anonymous use during a peer review (supervision);

If I want to use your data for any other reason, your consent will be requested.

3. The Financial Administration
This includes the agenda, notes and payments. There is no medical or similarly sensitive data in the financial records.

The health care bill/invoice contains the information required by the legislator and/or the tax authorities: your name, address, place of residence, the date of treatment, a brief description of the treatment, and the costs of the consultation.

All invoices and payments are processed in the accounts.

Keeping financial records is a legal obligation for every entrepreneur. The purpose of the data processing is the correct invoicing and of course the correct filing of a tax return. The legal retention period of this data is 7 years.

There is a processing agreement in place with Storm & Schrama Belastingadviseurs for the financial administration of CARMEN HEALING.

4. Ordering Herbal Formulas
When ordering herbs, you consent to providing your name, address and e-mail to the pharmacy. The herbs are delivered to your address, and you must pay the invoice directly to the pharmacy. For this purpose, there is a processing agreement with San Jiao Apotheek B.V.

5. Your Rights
- I would like to draw your attention to my privacy policy, which can always be found on my website.
- At the intake I will make a treatment agreement with you; based on this agreement I can record and process your data; this treatment agreement will be included in your file.
- I do not write down more data than is necessary for the described purpose.
- You have the right to revoke any permission granted (please report this to me in writing or by e-mail).
- You have the right to inspect and correct your own data.
- As far as this is legally possible, you have the right to remove and take your own data (data portability) with you (report this to me in writing or by e-mail).
- You have the right to submit a complaint about how I deal with your personal data with me and with the Personal Data Authority,

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