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Chinese Herbal Medicine

For people who are experiencing a transition in their lives and might appreciate a little guidance. 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old. Chinese herbal medicine is one modality within the TCM tradition, which also includes acupuncture, massage (tuina), breathing exercises (qi gong) and dietary therapy.

Unlike Western medicine, TCM regards everything, including our bodies and mind, as a continuum of energy. When a person’s energy is disturbed, both body and mind become affected adversely and cease to be in balance with their true nature.

TCM regards any imbalance to have either an internal or an external cause. Internally, an imbalance may result from a deficiency or excess of a specific energy or from an imbalance in the various energies supporting mind and body. Externally, an imbalance may be caused by such factors as individual life’s experiences, education, culture, belief system, diet, lifestyle, climate and seasons.

Based on centuries of clinical experience, Chinese herbal medicine has developed practical and effective treatments for many diseases. Whether or not the person being treated is familiar with the underlying philosophy, Chinese herbal medicines can be successful in treating a range of disorders such as digestive problems, menstrual disorders, infertility, headaches, hormonal imbalances, and circulation problems.

The Chinese Materia Medica contains several hundreds of plant species, together with some non-plant ingredients.  There are substances that tonify (nourish or strengthen), dissolve mucus, promote digestion, invigorate blood circulation or harmonize the internal workings of the body. The art of treatment with Chinese herbal medicine is to choose a formula (a combination of herbs, with each herb playing a specific and significant role to achieve the desired therapeutic effect), which matches and redresses the pattern of disharmony of the individual, and to modify the formula to accommodate changes occurring in the course of treatment. 

In addition to the herbs, my treatment will include advice on diet, lifestyle and exercise. Many chronic problems, whether mental or physical, can be helped by highlighting these elements.      


Intake session (1 hour): Eur 105-

Follow-up session (45 min): Eur 88-

Prices are only for the consultation. The costs of herbs are not included here.

For therapists who would like to discuss particular cases, minimum 1 hour charged.


An invoice will be issued and payment is due 14 days after the date of the appointment. Cash payment is my preferred option.

My costs are not reimbursed (totally or partially) by the health insurance system in The Netherlands.

You need to cancel at the minimum of 48 hours before the planned session. If not, the cost of the session will be charged fully.