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If none of the workshops is currently planned, I can provide the material in individual sessions or small groups. Use the contact form on the Contact page and let me know if this is what you would like to discuss as a possibility.

How you reflect on your life is essential to how you experience your life. Do you reflect from your Ego or from your True Self?

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate ideas, judgments, and experiences, among other things. We can become so entangled with this pile of thoughts, which we experience as our Ego - “I”, that we no longer see our fundamental goodness. Our True Self has no judgment. It is a natural state present in each of us. All you have to do is discover it and realize it.

This workshop is designed to explore these two concepts, ego and observer, properly. The insights will bring you more peace and harmony in your life in all your relationships -- with yourself, with life and with others.

The workshop consists of a mix of theory, discussion, and meditation. In addition, exercises are offered with which you can further practice at home.

Trainers: This workshop is being offered in cooperation with Corinne van den Bergh, Core Energetics Therapist, Speech- and Language Pathologist. You can visit her website Coressence by clicking on the link.

Date: Two mornings on Sunday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 17th, 2024.

Time: 10:00 - 13:00.

Price: Euro 125-. Coffee, thee, water, biscuits provided. Limited spaces available (max. 10).

Location: AMARELO, Brouwersgracht 270A, Amsterdam.

"Money is the source of all evil."

"Money is the source of happiness."

Is it really, now? Or are those things we have learned to attribute to money?

And, if we do believe money is evil or the source of happiness, how can we work with it effectively?

Time perhaps for another, deeper look at something we all have to live with and use every day of our adult lives.
We need to become masters of money and stop letting money master us.

Are you are getting the results you want in your life through the way you deal with your money and matters involving money?

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If the results so far are not what you want, then we sincerely hope that this workshop about money will help you find out what obstacles still stand in the way.

This course offers the opportunity to apply some gentle introspection, through which you can learn to observe yourself, your feelings, emotions and thoughts when confronting money issues. Once you learn to observe yourself, you will begin to stop reacting impulsively, and learn to take a pause before you act. Action replaces reaction.

You start taking a more active role in your decision-making; that of itself will ensure that the results you achieve with money will gradually shift towards what you want. This process will empower you.

Guiding Principle
Money is energy. When transacting monetary affairs, an exchange of energy simultaneously takes place. This exchange is imprinted with your life energy, which reflects:
how you stand in life;
what you want out of life; and,
where you still find life challenging.

Because money affairs are imprinted with this life energy, it becomes an instrument to evaluate your way of living.

We use money as a vehicle for introspection to break the myth that money is not spiritual.

Once we have seen it for what it really is, and understand that money transactions reflect our life energy, money will then become as spiritual as any other aspect of our lives: marriage, work, child-rearing, etc. Because money is an important part of our daily life, a lot of our focus and energy goes into it. It follows therefore that we should put this focal point to use as the next logical step, and apply spiritual insights to it.

Price: Euro 85- Coffee, thee, water, biscuits provided.

Limited spaces available (max. 10). Your payment is your registration. Only 50% will be refunded if you decide not to come.

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Are you are getting the results you want in your relationship? Are you really at peace with the way the last disagreement between the two of you was resolved? Do you feel that you really do not know your partner anymore?

This workshop offers the opportunity to apply some gentle introspection, through which you gain a new understanding of the purpose of a long-term relationship. The workshop will also provide tools to implement this vision in your current relationship in order to transform it into a (more) beautiful and fulfilling experience.

This workshop has the objective of clearing out many of the misunderstandings about relationships, and on how we can maintain a healthy balance with our partners.

Guiding Principle
The most common misunderstanding in my healing practice is The Fairy Tale Ending: "...and they lived happily ever after."

The myth that the romantic conclusion of fairy tales is a sufficient foundation for the rest of life is misguided. A Fairy Tale Story never goes on to deal with the struggles of raising children, the Prince and Princess' differences of opinion, the pain of betrayal, and the pain of divorce. None of the Fairy Tales gives us insight on how people grow old, and how perspectives and insights change (or do not change). Nor do they cover how these changes might affect the partner and the extended family. The workshop intends addressing this, which explains why the title of the workshop is "The Lost Chapters from Fairy Tale Land."

No one comes "clean" or "pure" into a relationship. A relationship is always between two people who still carry wounds and who, consciously or unconsciously, have mistaken views on some aspects of life. The thought that we marry a real human being, and not a Fairy Tale Prince or Princess, needs to be the cornerstone of any relationship. You will learn that your partner can be a teacher (as opposed to the bad guy). With this approach, you will start taking a more active role in the decision-making within your relationship. In addition, you will start to see a new way of maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship.

The workshop will be given over the course of two different days (4 hours each time).

Price: Euro 170- Coffee, thee, water, biscuits provided.

Limited spaces available (max. 10). Your payment is your registration. Only 50% will be refunded if you decide not to come.