Healing and Coaching

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I am Carmen O'Dwyer
Healer, Chinese herbalist, coach, and teacher

For people who are experiencing a transition in their lives and might appreciate a little guidance. 

Helping you regain balance and well-being is my speciality.

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Healing and Coaching
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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
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As a healer and life coach, I act as a mirror, one which reflects not only what you're used to doing and thinking, but also your blind spots. Once you become aware of your own hidden patterns,  I can help you build a new framework of beliefs and assumptions about life. This change will lead to a renewed sense of balance and well-being. The sessions encompass all sorts of beliefs from lifestyle, love, marriage, friendship, parenting, health, and much more.

As a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner I can help you with lifestyle (diet and exercise choices) and with chronic conditions, whether physical or emotional. Chinese Medicine has a comprehensive view on diet and exercise to support different constitutions and lifestyle choices. It also has a broad understanding of emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. In addition to this, single herbs or a combination of herbs are an effective way in treating many disorders. The aim of the treatment is to support the body to restore its balance, and ultimately to target the underlying root cause of chronic conditions. As part of the herbal medicine treatment, diet and lifestyle choices are discussed.

Practical Information

I speak several languages fluently. Sessions can be held in Spanish, English, Dutch, and Portuguese.

My practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam, close to the Jordaan area.

Sessions via SkypeTM are also possible.